_task_traffic_congestion_bangkokI have to go to school every day, some things I cannot change! My house is close to school so it is only a 5 minute walk. My friend Sammy lives next door but she is driven to school, I think she is quite lazy! When I arrive at school I often wait for my friends who travel on the school bus. Then we all go to our classroom together. Guess what...all the teachers come by their own car. I want a Porsche when I am old enough.

After school there are lots of clubs and sports I can do. My favourite is football. We practice twice per week. When we have finished I am tired and sometimes wish someone would drive me home instead of walking. On Saturday we have a football match against another school. Sometimes we have to travel many miles to play a game. I am lucky because we travel by car, it is a big one so I have lots of space to sleep on the way back home

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