Food and Drink

coffeeWhen I wake up in the morning the only thing I think about is my breakfast. It is hard to decide what to eat because I have lots of choices. Will I eat toast? Maybe cereal? Or eat cheese like in Hungary? Let’s look in the cupboard and see what is inside. It is really important for me to eat a BIG breakfast as I have a lot of things to do everyday.

By lunchtime my stomach is rumbling….(growl growl growl). I look forward to lunch because it means that I can talk with all my friends whilst eating. My lunch looks great. Some of my friends like to eat lots of chips for their lunch, others like to eat an apple. I wonder how they decide what they eat and where their lunch comes from?

Home from school and time for a snack. I have a choice of so many things….orange, banana, crisps, chocolate, stroop waffle.

“Dinner time!” I run downstairs and climb into my chair. Urrrrgh…not green stuff AGAIN. Why are all the ‘good’ things green? Can’t we eat out instead?

Time for bed, I wonder what I will eat tomorrow?

Choose your webquest!

1 Where does my food come from? 12913
2 How is it packaged 4358
3 What do I really eat? 17076
4 Who made it? 7776
5 Do my friends eat the same as me? 4114