About Mind the Gap

About Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is an online project providing curriculum linked activities that takes learning from the classroom to the community. Through the activities students bridge the gap between learning in the classroom and applying it to real-life.

We aim is to increase the motivation amongst young people to learn and apply their learning to real-life, build the skills and behaviours for a sustainable future and embed school learning within the needs of the communities they serve.

We use education for sustainability as a focus for the learning activities. We believe that issues of sustainability are vital to build healthy communities and that learning how this can take place should be a central part of the curriculum.

Mind the Gap is:

  • Developing a programme of tested and shared learning resources based on real-life situations, by using WebQuests (WQ) that structure learning around investigating a local issue, finding knowledge, analysing information, and developing competencies to take appropriate action. WQ focus on issues such as energy use, tackling waste and green spaces for children.
  • Promoting innovative pedagogies based on learning outside the classroom and real world learning, connecting the school to real-life.
  • Learning frameworks, providing a clear overview of each topic and activities and WQ support. Frameworks include, revised and adapted, Audit Instrument for Sustainability in Education and the UN Indicators for ESD.
  • Capacity building for teachers delivered through in- and pre-service training and online support.

Mind the Gap is funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Comenius Programme...thank you!

Mind the Gap is a consortium of 9 partners, representing the UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Each NGO partner is a recognised expert with good links to schools and the education sector.